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A Blockchain-based Horse Racing Platform

RacingLand is a horse racing business based on the blockchain and cryptocurrency platform The industry has grown into a whopping US 100-billion-dollar industry. Here, at RacingLand, we create the world’s first most transparent and open platform which provides services such as Horse Racing Media, Racing Ownership, Horse Exchange, Racing Game and many more services.

We are a multi-functional horse racing platform based on blockchain technology. There are multiple services provided on our platform that would create a horse racing eco system. In addition, with cryptocurrency at its peak, race tokens would be introduced onto our platform and would be known as “Race Tokens”. With the implementation of these tokens, owners or players can feel more at ease and engaged when using our platform and would also get the chance and experience to own their very own stallions and gain much joy during their period of ownership.

RacingLand will take charge in sourcing and acquiring stallions of high quality and caliber from multiple different countries. The horses would then be grouped into various different categories according to their form and ability by our very own team. This would ensure that the horses partaking in races would achieve the best results possible to satisfy our clients. This method also allows us to ensure that the horses are being traded at suitable and appropriate prices.

We are an open and independent platform which is easily accessible to all buyers, sellers and traders of race horses globally. With the help of blockchain technology, it allows our users to share their opinions and exchange their views on the races that are taking part around the world and would frequently update our users about the races that are taking part all over the world. In the recent years, “Two ways commingling” for horse betting has become a very popular method used for horse betting and has gained the likings of many hardcore horse betters in Hong Kong. This method allows for the betters to have access to overseas transmission of horse racing and race betting. With the introduction of this method, an increase in the bidding intake has been observed. This method would work very well with blockchain technology, where all the bets and client’s data would be placed in our cloud where it will be unchangeable.

With this, Horse Racing as a sport will gain more popularity globally and attract the masses to participate.

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