Our Solutions

RACINGOWNER is a horse crowdfunding platform where people can own a horse by purchasing the share using Race Token. Horse shareholders can also enjoy the benefits of sharing the bonus of a race or tournament as well as the appreciation of the horse.

  • Horse introduction and pricing
  • Horse share subscription
  • Privilege/benefits for horse shareholders
  • Re-pricing and horse share exchange

RACINGEXCHANGE is a platform where horse can be exchanged or auctioned using Race Token. All truncation will be completed in RACINGEXCHANGE online platform.

  • Online auction will be conducted by RACINGLAND.
  • The ownership transfer will be done using smart contract.
  • The payment to farm will be settled by Race Token,
  • Truncations will be recorded in blockchain..

RACINGGAME is a platform, in which various of game are designed for participants to join the race by predicting the result of the horse performance or race/ tournament result. The game would function base on a hierarchy. When our members register to take part in the games, they would be given the title “Beginner Player”. In order to climb to higher tiers, they would have to predict and bet on games, the higher the number of games they win, the higher their rank tier will be. Currently, the ranks attainable by our members are beginner, professional, potential horse reviewer and horse critic.

  • Hierarchy Design for game players.
  • Sharing Game
  • Challenge Game
  • Jumbo Game

RACINGMEDIA serve as a racing communication for racing information exchange and interaction. It is not only an information platform but also a racing social media community for RACINGLAND members. The RACINGMEDIA aims to build to most trustable media platform using blockchain technology.

  • Racing Information Platform
  • Racing comment and ideas exchange
  • Know your horse status.
  • Share view and get rewarded.

RACINGSHOP is a multi-function platform as a key element of RACINGLAND ecosystem. This platform is not only to allow horse /racing equipment to be exchanged globally but also to promote the horse / racing culture by creating / exchanging horse related / race-related products.

  • Racing equipment exchange.
  • Provide professional design and production solution.
  • All transaction will be done using Race Token.
  • Find something for your own horse.

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